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For clients with very fine or thinning hair, HairX Hair Replacement can help. We have the finest most advanced hair replacement method now available in Australia. We can very naturally integrate areas of loss with a natural look. We can fully integrate or partially integrate areas to different densities, we use your existing hair and match your hair colour, texture and type. Our clients’ individual needs vary and we have many different solutions available, we customise all our work and use the latest technology to give each client the best solution available.


We can blend in small thinning areas, create new hairlines, create thickness through the top and crown, add volume, add length. We have many methods to use and combine with the finest most undetectable methods.

HairX integration systems are custom made to the highest quality, hair is matched perfectly in colour and texture, wether it is wavy, straight or curly, our eye for blending is impeccable. We can give you the most natural look available, fully integrating your existing hair, freedom to wash, style, brush and treat as your own. Our integration systems require maintenance every 6 to 8 weeks from our skilled technicians.
Our hair affects us on a personal level, in a society where we want to feel healthy and attractive our hair can affect us in a negative way. Reasons for hair loss:
  • stress
  • hereditary factors
  • medication
  • medical problems
A little extra hair makes a great difference and can make you feel fantastic. Book a complementary private consultation with one of our technicians and let us work out the best solution for your hair loss.

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